Other releases from Nicola McDonagh


Crow Bones, her latest short story collection.

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And...Glimmer: the Audiobook.

Unabridged version narrated by the author,

out now on iTunes and Amazon/Audible.


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All books in The Song of Forgetfulness series only 99¢!

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The Song of Forgetfulness 4 Book box Set only $3.99 or FREE on Kindle Unlimited:  

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Society is crumbling. Mankind’s survival is bleak. An invisible enemy is out for blood.


Only one girl with a secret power can stop them. If only she knew how.

With religious cults, fiendish monks, and savage wildmen out to trap her and use her ability for evil, Adara must seek out allies if she is to save the world.


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personal I.T. flunkey, Daphne deMuir


New Release from Nik Grybaski!

Lightning Tattoo

Book 2 in the Leo Katz mystery series

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A new millennium brings chaos to Vienna, with swarms of rats terrorising the city.


When members of The Galvanisers Society of Vienna die in mysterious circumstances surrounded by rodents, Leo and his friends look no further for the killers.

But during a freak lightning storm that brings heavy snow, a strange woman with unusual scars appears with a travelling Carnival, turning everything they thought they knew upside down.

As Leo discovers more about the men from the society, he realises they are not the philanthropists they seem and is plunged into a world of blackmail, torture, and revenge as he tries to uncover what kind of nightmarish experiments take place in their secret laboratory.


However, danger stalks Leo. People from his past who wish him harm lurk in the shadows. One, in particular, is following his every move.

With nowhere to hide, can Leo escape from the clutches of his mortal enemy?


Find out in this gripping murder mystery now!


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