What I am writing now

Below is an extract from the beginning of my new Historical Crime Thriller, as yet untitled.


Set in Vienna 1899 it follows the story of Leo Katz, a crime photographer, as he tries to solve the mysterious murders of several Jewish dissidents, and help clear the name of a young woman falsely accused of the gruesome killing of her fiancé.


Chapter One


I stood in front of the grand pillared entrance to the Kaiser Franz Josef’s Railway station in bare feet. I had no luggage or hat. The top two buttons on my dark brown waistcoat popped open when I breathed out. I clutched at my chest, hunched my shoulders, fastened them back up, and pulled my gaberdine tight to hide my defective attire.


A loud high-pitched whistle blew. The sound of chugging metal wheels scraping along the track screeched so loud I thought I would never hear again. As the noise faded, I wiped away the dirty mist left by the steam train from my face, and strained to focus on the world before me. But my eyes were fuzzy as though I had partaken of much alcohol.


Something was wrong.


I was alone.


Fear seized my belly. I fingered my stiff shirt collar to let in some cold air to cool my hot, sticky flesh. Not daring to move, for fear I might loosen more buttons on my tight garments, I observed the washed out faces of people that walked past. Eyes wide, they stared ahead not looking at anything or anyone. I wondered how they did not bump into each other. I blinked rapidly. They shimmered and faded becoming nothing more than ghost-like figures floating above the raised wooden pavements.


Vienna, Hohe Brücke, 1894