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Books by Nik Grybaski


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Reviews about Black Danube



Black Danube 5/5*****


This was such a great book, one of the best I've read recently. You quickly get immersed into the story and feel as if you're there in the early 1900s Vienna. The writing is vivid and you can see the imagery, smell the odors of the city, taste its delicacies, and feel the emotions of the characters. Not only do you get entwined in solving the murder mystery, you forge your way through the clues to discover what Leo's great secret it. Storytelling at its best. Highly recommend to anyone who enjoys historical fiction.



Be transported to another world of senses and feelings 5/5*****


I loved this book. It took me off into a different world with a group of characters reminiscent of Dickens. This is a writer who relishes the small detail and spares none of the darker side but who manages, throughout, to reassure the reader of all that is good in human nature. We need more from writers like this



A real page turner 5/5*****


I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. I was transported to another time and place with vivid descriptions and wonderfully developed characters that I really cared about. The main plot develops well, and the intriguing subplot smoulders underneath to give depth to the narrative. As for Leo and his secret - let's just say we do find out what it is, which makes his relationships all the more complicated and tragic. Well written, full of drama, tension, and humour, Black Danube is simply an excellent read.



Looking forward to reading about Leo's future mysteries! 5/5****


This was a brilliant mystery with a twist. There were numerous elements to this story which gripped my attention from the start. Set in 1899 Vienna politics are at the forefront of this mystery. When a young woman is accused of killing her fiancé, crime photographer Leo Katz is asked to photograph the crime. Leo finds himself becoming deeper and deeper in the mystery, with the help of his two friends. However, will his own secret be revealed? I love the twist of Leo's own secret.

Reviews about Lightning Tattoo



Worthy sequel to Black Danube 5/5*****


Having enjoyed Black Danube by the same author very much, I was really looking forward to the sequel, and I was not disappointed. Along with Leo's close associates from the first book was a cast of new and fascinating characters and as before, there is a compelling sense of atmosphere and mystery as the pace increases throughout the book to the dramatic conclusion.


 Lightning Tattoo 5/5*****


I was so excited that the second book in this series was available. In this one, Leo faces many dangers from his past, threats that can unravel all he had hoped to achieve with his new life. I loved both the plot and the feeling that I was at the turn of the century, living along with everyone. The story contains so much detail about the era, and the growing hatred of the Jews. The ending left me shocked... I can't wait for the next book.



 Just fantastic 5/5*****

Another fascinating and thrilling read from Nik Grybaski!

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Nik Grybaski lives in the shadows of the worlds Nik creates.

A writer, photographer, baker and gin enthusiast, Nik enjoys nature and watching obscure black and white films.


Nik Grybaski

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